PHXAM Photo Gallery 2014

PHXAM Finals Day 2014

Desert West Skateboard Plaza home of PHXAM
Day 2 morning was just as hectic and packed as day 1!Herds of people continued to show up for Sunday’s FinalsCovering all the angles for the Live WebcastCyril Jackson of Baker Skateboards in our top 12Judges Booth looking down on the courseCJ and T-Funk run doublesClive Dixon wallies up to the hubbaThis was a new obstacle for us this year and it was a rider favorite David Loy, or as Andrew Cannon liked to call him, BerniePhoenix’s own Adrian Hernandez front tail’s up and over keyhole extension Another PHX native Matt Price from The Skateboard Mag on course all weekendChris Nieratko sneaks in an interview with Trent and Ed for the Live WebcastRoom for two – Front lip, front boardFrontside noseblunt over the A frame railThe A frame was a popular spot this weekendThrasher’s Joe Hammeke waits for action on the 5 rail
Dashawn Jordan from Chandler AZ goes inverted over the keyholeMidler nosegrinds the full length of the Red Bull barAdrian Hernandez with a fs blastoffBoo Johnson goes up and over the KR3W bump wallDavid Loy trying to explain something to the boysDerrick Wilson tests the double set with a kickflipChris Haslam and Laura hangin’ out in the judges boothAlex Midler fs hurricanes a good portion of the Redbull barDavid Loy takes this one from the bank wall to the quarter coping for a fs nose grindBill Wanick held down the raffle all day long giving out over 150 prize packs donated from our amazing sponsors and all who pitched inKids hit up all the tents in Tent City for free goodsTent City felt neverendingAnd everyone in Tent City was in a good mood! How could you not be, FREE STUFFFFF!Jagger Eaton goes big boy on a blunt to fakie Jagger jumped on the bandwagon and threw down a PHXAM special AKA bs 180 nose grind on the Real hubbaThere wasn’t an empty seat all dayThis is where the hammers began coming out. 1st run of 3 in the Finals Matt Berger takes a backlip up and down Gustavo Servin of Chihuahua Mexico dips a back smith in the FinalsCyril goes massive kickflip over the entire Red Bull obstacleGustavo front smiths across the rocksTyson Bowerbank spins backside onto the 5 railCJ goes back180 to flat in his final runCyril Jackson with a proper backside flip up and overMicky Papa goes front krooks down the barMicky Papa kickflip crooksSebo Walker tries to recreate the dlxsf graphic with his shadow on our new bank wallJagger Eaton hardflip backlips the 5 rail in his final runJack Olson debates what to do out mid rail in his final runMatt Berger with a massive ollie over the hubba to back tailMatt powerhouses this backsmith thru the endThe final trick in his final run, he saw all the back180 nosegrinds and deided to swith it up and put down this perfect back180 fakie 5 to end it Top 12 PHXAM trophies with Nixon 51-30 watches and custom PHXAM Stance socks3rd place goes to Jack Olson from St. Louis Park, MN riding for Real, Thunder, Spitfire, C1RCA, 3rd Lair2nd place Jack Olson from Vancouver, BC riding for Almost (Flow), New Balance (Flow), RDS, Mountain Dew Canada, FKD, Silver, Bones, Nixon, Diamond, Markisa, Switchmade Productions
Matt Berger from Kamloops Canada took the top spot riding for Flip, Etnies, BONES Wheels, Matix, Monster, Thunder, Underworld Skateshop, Filmbot GripCongrats Matt!

The 2014 PHXAM After Party Presented by KR3W Featuring DEATH

PHXAM Qualifiers Day 2014

Entry line on day 1 for Qualifiers
Waiting in line trying to win prizes in Tent City at Desert West
1st dude in line always gets hooked up here at PHXAMCatching doubles is a bonus when trying to shoot this stylish 180 grinder down the hubba by Marcus Carr
Brimley booth poser shenanigans at Tent CityRaffles going off all day at the park. Over 150 different prize packs from all our sponsors and all the awesome companies that help outThe double set was nothing for this monster FS FlipWe see plenty of BS wallrides on the hubba but this FS one was photo worthy
Red Bull girls hooking up wings for everyone at the contestEnjoyiong themselves in this perfect weather out here in Phoenix. 75, sunny, with an easy breeze.Focus in the judges boothFeeble across the new Red Bull prop
Nick Zizzo with a proper crook pop overBS 180 nosegrind on the Real hubbaSimon Lambey and Kechaud Johnson of CityStars waiting for their jamsCowtown’s Aric Blattner 5-0′s the A Frame
Adrian Hernandez from Phoenix stokes out his hometown blasting over the keyhole extensionAccidental doubles shots during heated jams are always a bonusJoey Brezinski looks on and cheers on his fellow RedBull teammate Sewa KroetkovJon Rob Moore went pro the night before at the Happy Medium 3 premiere. Congrats JonRob!
Jack Olson goes frontside onto the 5 railSteven Snyder was feeling it out thereThe big front 3 was alluding him in his runDaniel Lutheran signs autographs for his loyal pawns in Tent CitySteven goes front blunt down the double set hubbaJJ Horner holds it down at the Pyramid Country booth 

PHXAM Practice Day 2014

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