PHXAM Photo Gallery 2015

PHXAM Photo Gallery 2015

March 29th 2015 -Day 2 – FINALS TOP 12

17-micky_papa_kickflip_bs_lipslide-gould_1 12th place finisher Mickey Papa – Kickflip BS Lipslide12-js_lapierre_impossible_tailgrab-gould_1 11 place finisher JS Lapierre – Impossible Tailgrab
21-chase_webb_kickflip_50-50-gould_1 10th place – Chase Webb – Kickflip 50-5018-dashawn_jordan_bs_overcrook-gould_1 9th place – Dashawn Jordan – Frontside Krook

Dashawn Jordan_Skating_3 Dashawn Jordan – 360 Flip Frontside BoardslideDashawn Jordan_Skating_4 Dashawn Jordan – Overkrook

Dashawn Jordan_Skating_1Dashawn Jordan – Lazer Flip to flatDashawn Jordan_winingDashawn Jordan – Winner – Red Bull’s Best Trick $250019-tyson_bowerbank_frontside_heelflip-gould_1 8th place – Tyson Bowerbank – Frontside Heelflip16-maurice_jordan_switch_bs_smith-gould_1 7th place – Maurice Jordan – Switch Back Smith13-dalton_dern_frontside_blunt-gould_1 6th place – Dalton Dern – Front Blunt14-noe_solis_360_flip_lip-gould 5th place – Noe Solis – 360 Flip Lipslide03-robbie_brockel_invert-gould_1 4th Place – Robbie Brockel – Invert 15-robbie_brockel_backside_lipslide-gould 4th place – Robbie Brockel – Backside Lipslide over the Keyhole

Brazilian Nose Blunt3rd place – Ivan Monteiro – Backside Noseblunt

Ivan Monteiro_Skating_1 Ivan Moteiro – 360 FlipIvan Monteiro_Skating_2 Ivan Monteiro – Backside NosebluntIvan Monteiro_Winning3rd place and $1,000 – Ivan Monteiro of San Paolo Brazil09-jamie_foy_backside_ollie-gould_1 2nd place – Jamie Foy – Backside Ollie

Jamie Foy_Skating_1 Jamie Foy – Frontside BluntslideJamie Foy_Skating_2 Jamie Foy – Fakie 5-0Jamie Foy_Skating_3 Jamie Foy – NosegrindJamie Foy_Winning2nd place and $2,000 – Jamie Foy
07-jack_olson_frontside_180_switch_crook-gould_1 1st place – Jack Olson – 180 Switch Krook 01-jack_olson_switch_hurricane-gould_1 1st place – Jack Olson – Switch Hurricane22-jack_olson_switch_kickflip_lipslide-gould_1 1st place – Jack Olson – Switch Frontside Flip Lipslide

Jack Olson_Skating_1 Jack Olson – Switch NosegrindJack Olson_Skating_2 Jack Olson – Krook Pop Out Jack Olson_Skating_3 Jack Olson – Switch Flip LipslideJack Olson_Skating_5 Jack Olson – Switch Back 5-0Jack Olson_Skating_4Overall winner – 2015 – Jack Olson $3,00023-jamie_foy_2nd_jack_olson_1st-gould PHXAM 2015′s top 324-jack_olson_first_place-gould_1Congrats Jack!

2015 – Day 2 – Semi Finals – March 29th

IMG_0412 Matt Price 5050 5-0 Stall Back Feeble Back Smith 2 Back Smith Back Three Nose Grab Backside Air Backside Boneless Brazilian Nose Blunt Brockel Back Lip Feeble Front Blunt Front Board Front Crook Front Feeble 2 Front Feeble 3 Front Feeble Front Lip 2 Front Lip 3 Front Lip Front side Flip IMG_0418 Impossible Kickflip Nollie BigSpin Nollie Front D Pole Jam Front Lip Smith Key Hole Smith Switch Back Lip Switch Front Feeble Three Flip Nose Blunt Tre Flip Bigspin to Flat

2015 – Day 1- Qualifying Day – Saturday March 28th

Andrew and JoshAndrew Forrest looks on the action going down in qualifiers

Back tailThe keyhole sees a lot of action like this backtail in the back of the park

Chris P and Steve w: Josh Crowd favorite Steven Snyder poses for the cameraCJ CJ Bartlett kills it! That full cab flip over the bank gap was amazing CJ! Cowtown hat Judges tower at Desert West Skateboard PlazaDWESTThe back bowl here at Desert West is a nice little warm up for riders while they await their jamFront D Lipslide over the keyhole

Hippie steve One of the most important things you can do when it’s 95 out in Phoenix is find some shadeIago Brazilian Blunt Proper Front Blunt on the Red Bull Best Trick obstacle
Judge Stand Judges 2 Emcee Pringle holding down the mic all day with Matt PriceJudges The view from the judges towerKids hyped on games Kids come up all day in Tent City getting goods from all the rad companies who come outKillin it This is our raffle U-Haul. All day they lurk in wait for the next raffle to go down. $1 raffle tickets can really hook you up here at PHXAMKR3W kid Little dog Little dude
Melon No Idea Nose grind Phx Am Shirt This KR3W x PHXAM shirt came in this years’ PHXAM gift bags which the first 500 through the gates receives with other goods from all our sponsorsPHXAM Shirt 2 Pizza and product Pizza, popsicles, chips, dogs, and all sorts of stuff is for sale over at the Cowtown Skate Shack all day longProduct Pushin Raffle Redbull Tent Red Bull knows whats up, SHADE!Riders Chillin The crowd Thrasher Cardinals Chick Trying to stay cool

crowdskate shack pyramid booth pirate co phxam shirt exeter poster

The 2014 PHXAM After Party Presented by KR3W Featuring DEATH

PHXAM Qualifiers Day 2014

Entry line on day 1 for Qualifiers
Waiting in line trying to win prizes in Tent City at Desert West
1st dude in line always gets hooked up here at PHXAMCatching doubles is a bonus when trying to shoot this stylish 180 grinder down the hubba by Marcus Carr
Brimley booth poser shenanigans at Tent CityRaffles going off all day at the park. Over 150 different prize packs from all our sponsors and all the awesome companies that help outThe double set was nothing for this monster FS FlipWe see plenty of BS wallrides on the hubba but this FS one was photo worthy
Red Bull girls hooking up wings for everyone at the contestEnjoyiong themselves in this perfect weather out here in Phoenix. 75, sunny, with an easy breeze.Focus in the judges boothFeeble across the new Red Bull prop
Nick Zizzo with a proper crook pop overBS 180 nosegrind on the Real hubbaSimon Lambey and Kechaud Johnson of CityStars waiting for their jamsCowtown’s Aric Blattner 5-0′s the A Frame
Adrian Hernandez from Phoenix stokes out his hometown blasting over the keyhole extensionAccidental doubles shots during heated jams are always a bonusJoey Brezinski looks on and cheers on his fellow RedBull teammate Sewa KroetkovJon Rob Moore went pro the night before at the Happy Medium 3 premiere. Congrats JonRob!
Jack Olson goes frontside onto the 5 railSteven Snyder was feeling it out thereThe big front 3 was alluding him in his runDaniel Lutheran signs autographs for his loyal pawns in Tent CitySteven goes front blunt down the double set hubbaJJ Horner holds it down at the Pyramid Country booth 

PHXAM Practice Day 2014



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