PHXAM Photo Gallery

PHXAM Photo Gallery 2017

Sunday March 26th 2017 Semi’s and Finals

1st dude

First dude in line slept over night at the park to come up on some goods!

braun ready for the day

Kevin Brother Braun ready for Day 2 action

trent ed interview

Trent & Ed getting the interview treatment before starting

front blunt happy socks

If I were a pair of socks doing a front blunt i’d be happy too


Austin Thongvivong was pure smiles all weekend long


Thomas Turner is used to going up things, here’s a rare flat bar Noseblunt


Front Blunt all the way to the end on the Hex/Royal rails


Axel tweaking the Front Feeble as far as possible


Zion 3flip pizza

Zion Wright with an effortless Tre over the pizza gap

jamie foy gap fkrrok

Jamie Foy gapping out to front crook. Only needed one foot on his board to land this one


Jamie was front crooking all over Desert West on Sunday

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Yoshi Tenenbaum had these lofty BS Flips dialed over the gap


Yoshi boosting into 10th place overall

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Dashawn after falling on his very last trick attempt in the Semi’s


Hometown hero doing a very hometown hero trick for his fans


Dashawn Jordan 360 Flip Crooked Grind.. Unfortunately after the buzzer in Best Trick

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Dashawn ripped all weekend and took home 5th place overall

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

A fun dude to watch with a fun name to say, Daisuke Ikeda back 3’s into the Finals


We were all waiting for a Zion Wright 540, but it was Daisuke who stuck them all day


Thrasher’s Schmitty getting up close n personal with Axel on the Hubba


Axel styles out everything he does even switch like this front feeble


Axel Front Blunting his way into the 9th place spot

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

3rd place finisher Ivan Monteiro from Brazil spun these board slides all weekend taking home $1,000


These 3 were definitely ones to watch in the finals. Zion, Dashawn, and Yuto Horigome


Yuto nailing a Nollie Heelflip Noseslide in his final run taking home 2nd place and $2,000


Jagger attacked that back wall in all of his runs Sunday


He made this Noseblunt look entirely too easy. That back wall is no joke


Getting his mind right before throwing down the winning run


Dipping a Switch BS Smith and securing himself the $3,000 top prize


Emcee Matt Price getting the first look at the results

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Hyping the crowd getting ready to hear who took placed where

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Emcee Mike Pringle showing some love to the Cowtown Fam


All smiles for Jagger getting first place at PHXAM 2017


He might be young, but that didn’t stop Ivan from helping him celebrate with a little champagne


Congratulations Jagger!!

Saturday March 25th The Official After Party Presented By Volcom

  • DJ FreakoGoure surfingsax man
  • IMG_1011IMG_1012IMG_1013IMG_1016IMG_1017IMG_1018last
  • Crowd2thomassqwuadsquadskutniktrent and alraycenick papalate nitejack n bobbychessnuthomies

denzel rappingdenzel in crowddenzel hypedenzel super closedenzel supercloseCrowd1denzel fadeydenzel facingdenzel closeup

Saturday March 25th 2017 – Day 1 Qualifiers

2 yellow shirt2 volcom cowtown hatVolcom hooked up some custom JJ Horner x PHXAM hats for everyone at the park

2 thomas up and downLocal Thomas Turner going up and down 50-50

2 thomas turnerThomas Turner Gap to BS Nosegrind

2 midler 180 noseJagger Eaton attacking the Real Hubba

3 jaggerJagger with a Back Lip on the middle rail

3 jagger smithBS Smith on the Gap to Bar – Arizona’s own Jagger Eaton

2 back tailBackside Tailslide up and over the back keyhole
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Will Blaty the only one to take advantage of the planters with this 50 drop 50

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
The most turnt dude Corey Millett going over the bump to gap

1 dashawn front bluntDashawn Jordan Blunt FS 180

1 dashawn upside downIf we didn’t see Dashawn hand plant over the keyhole it wouldn’t be a proper PHXAM

1 hurricaneAndy Boggs with a perfect Hurricane on the middle rail of our Best Trick prop

1 idkA totally stabilized Berronte Ramirez Back Lip

1 540 signsThe Real Skateboards squad wanted a Zion 540.. Didn’t happen though… yet.

1 zion grabZion Wright blasting over the back keyhole

1 zion 5-0

Back 5-0 for Real Skateboards’ Zion Wright

switch 50Switch 50-50 on the A-Frame

smithjamie foyCrowd Favorite Jamie Foy styling out a Front Feeble

gap smithgap krook jack olsenJack Olson with a proper Gap to Krooked Grind
front feebsdaisuke ikada 360

Golden Ticket Winner Daisuke Ikeda back 3’s over the planters off the bump

cj collinschase webb dancingChase Webb dancing all over the back wall
boardslideidk who 360zion back bowlZion having a little fun between runs in the back pool

1st dudeYou know we gotta hook up the first dude in line!

Line fullThe line was deep but everyone got in as soon the clock struck 9
line vapeCaught homie showing off his siiiiiiick clouds in line

chillinStraight chilling in Tent City at the MCA booth

overviewTent City is a zoo filled with hungry animals getting free product and playing games all weekend long


esSole Tech was out representing all 3 of their shoe brands
enjoiEnjoi was killing it in Tent City

bballMarkus Neustedder’s Skate True had a booth up in Tent City hooking up the kids with some games

Friday Night’s Cowtown 20 Year Anniversary Party March 24th 2017


Steve Van Doren himself came to bless our 20 Year Vans shoe!


The Vans X Cowtown 20 Year Sk8 Mid in all their glory


When a shoe looks that good what else can ya do?


Trent scoping out all the different SideStripes on each of the shoes


Big Rig Brockel was in the house, you know he’s not missing free food!


Nick Zizzo and crew holding it down for the frown


Was a packed house inside and out in Tempe!


This solid crew was killing it all weekend long


Geoff just having a looksy at what Steve and his crew’s got cooking


Such a pleasure having these two legends hanging out Geoff Rowley and Eric Dressen


Winding down the night getting ready for the big weekend ahead


A little bit of the art on display throughout the night


Pyramid Country’s JJ Horner in front of some of his originals


Send Help’s J-MOD admiring some manly works


Two of AZ’s finest behind the lens Tim Vasquez and Brandon Steed


Quick photo op before we shut it down for the night


Wait of course we need Steve in there to make the night complete!


Was such a great night! Thank you Vans, Steve Van Doren, and all the artists!

PHXAM Photo Gallery 2016

April 3rd 2016 – Day 2 – Finals

alex midler front bleezyAlex Midler skated super solid all weekend attacking all the rails in the park

alex midler front krookAlex with a proper front krook

axel 56050Axel Cruysberghs charging a front 5-0

axel crush lipBoard bending back lip on the Red Bull Rail

axel nosegrind

Axel is one of those dudes who flows the whole course with speed and will throw a quick trick on anything that he passes like this Nosegrind on the curved ledgebryant chap back lipFinishing 1st in semi’s, Bryant Chapo destroyed this rain in his finals runs

bryant chapo feebsBryant Chapo Feeble grind warming up for the 5-0 kick flip out

corey bs smiothCorey Millet dipping a back smith mid run

corey millet lol No clue what the trick was Corey did, but this photo was too great not to post

enzo front bluntEnzo Cautela Front Blunt

enzo gapEnzo blasting over the new gap at the Desert West

enzo over railTaking a different approach, Enzo goes backside over the Red Bull Rail

ivan front feeb

Precision would be the best word to describe Ivan Monteiro. Front Feeble
ivan nosebluntQuick Noseblunt setting up for his next trick on the A frame rail

midler nosebluntIvan Noseblunt on the gap to rail
jagger back smithJagger Eaton is constantly on podiums and PHXAM was no different this year for him

jagger nosebluntJagger hitting the big boy section with a proper Noseblunt

jamie foy front feebJamie Foy sits on a Front Feeble

jamie foy front krookFront Krook on a round rail is an every try thing for Jamie

jamie foy kf back lipA floaty kick flip back lip from Jamie

foy wallie bluntTaking advantage of a fun Real Hubba, Jamie Wallie Blunts into 7th place

josh baldwin back 180 noseJosh Baldwin took this Back 180 Nosegrind all the way down

josh baldwin front feebsThis rail saw a lot of Front Feebles Sunday

dashawn alley oop 3Dashawn Jordan boosts an alley up FS 360 over the keyhole on the back wall

dashawn front bluntDashawn with a Front Blunt on the back walldashawn fakie 50This Fakie 50-50 was pleasing to the eyes all weekend
dasshawn variel heelDashawn stomping a Variel Heel going the opposite way he did in his previous run

yoshi blunt kickflip Yoshi Tenenbaum nailed this Blunt Kickflip over and over again. Beast.
yoshi kickflip wedgeKickflipping the wedge gap was no big thing for Yoshi

yoshi krookj pop outKrook pop out into the bank

zion bigflip

Zion Wright Bigflip on the Real setZion front 3Boosty Front 3’s are a Zion specialty

zion fs flipThis massive frontside flip came in his last of 3 runs and set him up for the W
zion back tailBS Tail. Every. Single. Try. Zion was on it all weekend.

zion winner

Zion Wright is your 2016 PHXAM Champion! This was Zion’s first time out to PHXAM and as long as he isn’t pro by next year, we definitely expect to see him battling it out in the finals in at PHXAM 2017!

PHXAM 2016 – Day 2 – Red Bull Best Trick

dubble setThe Red Bull Best Trick took place on the double set with $2,500 up for grabs

zionnbs-2zionnbs-3zionnbs-6zionnbs-7zionnbs-8zionnbs-9zionnbs-10zionnbs-11zionnbs-12zionnbs-13zionnbs-14zionnbs-15zionnbs-16zionnbs-17zionnbs-20zionnbs-21zionnbs-22zionnbs-23zionnbs1 josh swinwardAt the end of the day it was Josh Baldwin’s 1st try Switch Inward Heel down the set that took home the $2,500 cash prize
1 josh baldwinJosh also placed 10th overall in the contest and went home back to Las Vegas with not one but two PHXAM trophies

April 3rd 2016 – Day 2 Semi Finals

day 2 first in lineGates opened at 11am at the park Sunday and this dude beat everyone to the punch

day 2 180 ng40 Semi Finalists started battling it out in 3 man jams

day 2 doubles3 man jams means sometimes things get hectic and it makes for a lot of fun to watch

day 2 corey back 5Corey Millet has been on one all weekend. Here he balances a back 5-0 from flat

day 2 front bluntFront Blunts were definitely a popular trick on the Red Bull rails all weekend

day 2 front feeble upday 2 front feebleBlunts were a favorite on the rails, but front feebles were as well all weekend

day 2 front feebsLook familiar?

day 2 jacobson bluntThere seems to be a trend going on this year…

day 2 kickflip 50Took this Kickflip up and over and into a 50-50 down the bank

day 2 switch poleThis fun obstacle saw a lot of action this weekend like this switch pole jam

day 2 turner over

Thomas Turner doing all he can to hold onto this Overkrookday 2 welcome blasterRoman Pabich has been charging the whole park and this photo came out amazing. Yes, he landed this

day 2 zion bsmithZion Wright dipped with style on the effortless Back Smith

day 2 zion nosebluntFront Noseblunt Zion Wright

styly boosterCorey Millet making the bump to bar look miniature

heat1-2Alex Midler Front Feeble

heat1-3Jesus Algeria took this front blunt to the finish line

heat1-4Front Smith down the most popular rail in the park

heat1-5A rare trick on the China Bank ledge

heat1-6Berronte Ramirez with a ridiculously stylish hard flip
heat1-8Bryant Chapo brought the Salad grind back to PHXAM

heat1-9Kevin Braun did this Back Tail every try in every one of his runs this weekend

heat1-10Bryant Chapo finished 1st in the Semi’s without missing tricks and hitting all the obstacles
heat1-12He did favor this rail though, and did a 5-0 kick flip out on it to end his run

heat1-15heat1-16heat1-17heat1-18heat1-19Michael Eddie sits on this gap to front blunt


heat1-21Jagger Eaton in the deep end

heat1-22Adrian Hernandez gets upside down on the back wall

heat1-23Zion did it all, technical wizardry and blasting on the big trannies

heat1-24Lefty was a crowd favorite and killed in in his semi’s run

heat1-28A quick break in the action for some fun and games in Tent City

heat1-29Vans hooked up free goods all weekend long

heat1-32 Scored a sick Robbie Brockel poster at the C1RCA tent

heat1-34Lil dude is stoked on the new Vans hat he came up on


April 2nd 2016 – Day 1 – Qualifiers

Front Gate LineThe line to get into PHXAM 2016 was one for record books

1st dude in line

Dedication. This homie camped out over night to secure his spot as the 1st dude in line

andy boggs bluntAndy Boggs took the long way down with this back blunt

super gap wedgeThis gap is super gnarly in person. Don’t try this at home

andrew soaking in the fun

PHXAM’s official Dad Andrew Forrest taking in the action

front crook

Proper Front Krook down the extra long Red Bull prop

2 tacosProper grub at Tent City in Desert West for all our locals to enjoy

corey millett front feebleCorey Mallet dips this front feeble in plenty of style
cody jacobson front bluntCody Jacobson attacked the course with speed his whole run

2 tent pyramidThe Pyramid Country booth had the best game of the day for sure

2 element tentElement booth playing the classic wheel game for prizes

2 tent krewThe Kr3w tent had a sick setup with a ring the bottle game and free goodies for all

2 tent hippyDesert West local Hippie Steve was showing off his recycled skateboard art

goure front willyBack on the course, Aaron Goure had to work for this Front Willie but he got it just before the run ended
goure hippyProper Hippie Jump through the Gold Wheels Bump To Bar

noseblut real hubbaHanging on to this Noseblunt on the Real Hubba

rayce watchingRayce Davis enjoying the action from the sidelines before his jam

sheckler overkrookThe Sheckler blood is pure skateboarding. Kane locks into this Overkrook with ease

wedge olieThis wedge gap is becoming one of our favorite new obstacles of this new course

1 dashawn nosebluntDashawn Jordan absolutely destroyed the course in his qualifier run with what seemed to be zero effort while doing trick after trick like this flawless noseblunt

1 dashawn overkrookDashawn with a signature overwork on the Red Bull double set

1 midler front boardAlex Midler gapping to front board

1 thomas dritsas nosebluntThomas Dritsas with a wallie blunt on the Real hubba

1dakota camp front bluntThese Red Bull rails are long but Dakota Camp sat on this front blunt

3 backwallThe back wall over the keyhole at D-West is no joke

3 gregioreShaun Gregoire balances out a proper 50-50 before exiting 180

3 jalen nosebluntJalen Noel made everything look ridiculously easy as seen with this stylish Noseblunt
3 jalen smith upJalen also likes to take a different approach to things. Going upppppp.
3nick machel lipNick Michel handling a proper lisped over the keyhole

9 eddy bsMichael Eddie Bigspin Front Boardslide

9 jagger10 year old Lazer Crawford with a gap to front feeble

9 wang9Wang Guo Hua from Hangzou China was ripping all day

9 wang

Wang was the 2016 crowd favorite

9 mysteryProper mystery overkrook on the Red Bull double set

9 robbieROBBIE IS PRO! He was scheduled in the last run of the day, but that jam happened to have just him, Late Nite, and Justin Modica and mid way through the run the entire park swamped him surprising him with his first ever pro boards from REAL!

drunk domAfter a perfect day out at the park it was time for the PHXAM After Party presented by KR3W and Drunk Dom & Roaches kicked things off

figgy rockingFiggy and Nuge’s band Arctic got things going before the Pyramid Country video premiere

fubu dude takeoverGhostface Killah had surprises up his sleeve all night with an epic set and even called up this dude from the crowd who took The Pressroom to 11

ghost w mariachiGhost also brought out fellow WU member Killa Priest for the rest of his set

mariachi caballeros The final surprise of the night was the Mariachi Caballeros getting called onto the stage to perform hits with Ghostface
wu handsThis after party was one we won’t soon forget!

PHXAM Photo Gallery 2015

March 29th 2015 -Day 2 – FINALS TOP 12

17-micky_papa_kickflip_bs_lipslide-gould_1 12th place finisher Mickey Papa – Kickflip BS Lipslide12-js_lapierre_impossible_tailgrab-gould_111 place finisher JS Lapierre – Impossible Tailgrab
21-chase_webb_kickflip_50-50-gould_110th place – Chase Webb – Kickflip 50-5018-dashawn_jordan_bs_overcrook-gould_19th place – Dashawn Jordan – Frontside Krook

Dashawn Jordan_Skating_3Dashawn Jordan – 360 Flip Frontside BoardslideDashawn Jordan_Skating_4Dashawn Jordan – Overkrook

Dashawn Jordan_Skating_1Dashawn Jordan – Lazer Flip to flatDashawn Jordan_winingDashawn Jordan – Winner – Red Bull’s Best Trick $250019-tyson_bowerbank_frontside_heelflip-gould_18th place – Tyson Bowerbank – Frontside Heelflip16-maurice_jordan_switch_bs_smith-gould_17th place – Maurice Jordan – Switch Back Smith13-dalton_dern_frontside_blunt-gould_16th place – Dalton Dern – Front Blunt14-noe_solis_360_flip_lip-gould5th place – Noe Solis – 360 Flip Lipslide03-robbie_brockel_invert-gould_14th Place – Robbie Brockel – Invert 15-robbie_brockel_backside_lipslide-gould4th place – Robbie Brockel – Backside Lipslide over the Keyhole

Brazilian Nose Blunt3rd place – Ivan Monteiro – Backside Noseblunt

Ivan Monteiro_Skating_1Ivan Moteiro – 360 FlipIvan Monteiro_Skating_2Ivan Monteiro – Backside NosebluntIvan Monteiro_Winning3rd place and $1,000 – Ivan Monteiro of San Paolo Brazil09-jamie_foy_backside_ollie-gould_12nd place – Jamie Foy – Backside Ollie

Jamie Foy_Skating_1Jamie Foy – Frontside BluntslideJamie Foy_Skating_2Jamie Foy – Fakie 5-0Jamie Foy_Skating_3Jamie Foy – NosegrindJamie Foy_Winning2nd place and $2,000 – Jamie Foy
07-jack_olson_frontside_180_switch_crook-gould_11st place – Jack Olson – 180 Switch Krook 01-jack_olson_switch_hurricane-gould_11st place – Jack Olson – Switch Hurricane22-jack_olson_switch_kickflip_lipslide-gould_11st place – Jack Olson – Switch Frontside Flip Lipslide

Jack Olson_Skating_1Jack Olson – Switch NosegrindJack Olson_Skating_2Jack Olson – Krook Pop Out Jack Olson_Skating_3Jack Olson – Switch Flip LipslideJack Olson_Skating_5Jack Olson – Switch Back 5-0Jack Olson_Skating_4Overall winner – 2015 – Jack Olson $3,00023-jamie_foy_2nd_jack_olson_1st-gouldPHXAM 2015’s top 324-jack_olson_first_place-gould_1Congrats Jack!

2015 – Day 2 – Semi Finals – March 29th

IMG_0412Matt Price50505-0 StallBack FeebleBack Smith 2Back SmithBack Three Nose GrabBackside AirBackside BonelessBrazilian Nose BluntBrockel Back LipFeebleFront BluntFront BoardFront CrookFront Feeble 2Front Feeble 3Front FeebleFront Lip 2Front Lip 3Front LipFront side FlipIMG_0418ImpossibleKickflipNollie BigSpinNollie Front DPole Jam Front LipSmith Key HoleSmithSwitch Back LipSwitch Front FeebleThree Flip Nose BluntTre FlipBigspin to Flat

2015 – Day 1- Qualifying Day – Saturday March 28th

Andrew and JoshAndrew Forrest looks on the action going down in qualifiers

Back tailThe keyhole sees a lot of action like this backtail in the back of the park

Chris P and Steve w: JoshCrowd favorite Steven Snyder poses for the cameraCJCJ Bartlett kills it! That full cab flip over the bank gap was amazing CJ! Cowtown hatJudges tower at Desert West Skateboard PlazaDWESTThe back bowl here at Desert West is a nice little warm up for riders while they await their jamFront DLipslide over the keyhole

Hippie steveOne of the most important things you can do when it’s 95 out in Phoenix is find some shadeIago Brazilian BluntProper Front Blunt on the Red Bull Best Trick obstacle
Judge StandJudges 2Emcee Pringle holding down the mic all day with Matt PriceJudgesThe view from the judges towerKids hyped on gamesKids come up all day in Tent City getting goods from all the rad companies who come outKillin itThis is our raffle U-Haul. All day they lurk in wait for the next raffle to go down. $1 raffle tickets can really hook you up here at PHXAMKR3W kidLittle dogLittle dude
MelonNo IdeaNose grindPhx Am ShirtThis KR3W x PHXAM shirt came in this years’ PHXAM gift bags which the first 500 through the gates receives with other goods from all our sponsorsPHXAM Shirt 2Pizza and productPizza, popsicles, chips, dogs, and all sorts of stuff is for sale over at the Cowtown Skate Shack all day longProductPushinRaffleRedbull TentRed Bull knows whats up, SHADE!Riders ChillinThe crowdThrasher Cardinals ChickTrying to stay cool

crowdskate shackpyramid boothpirate cophxam shirtexeter poster

The 2014 PHXAM After Party Presented by KR3W Featuring DEATH

PHXAM Qualifiers Day 2014

Entry line on day 1 for Qualifiers
Waiting in line trying to win prizes in Tent City at Desert West
1st dude in line always gets hooked up here at PHXAMCatching doubles is a bonus when trying to shoot this stylish 180 grinder down the hubba by Marcus Carr
Brimley booth poser shenanigans at Tent CityRaffles going off all day at the park. Over 150 different prize packs from all our sponsors and all the awesome companies that help outThe double set was nothing for this monster FS FlipWe see plenty of BS wallrides on the hubba but this FS one was photo worthy
Red Bull girls hooking up wings for everyone at the contestEnjoyiong themselves in this perfect weather out here in Phoenix. 75, sunny, with an easy breeze.Focus in the judges boothFeeble across the new Red Bull prop
Nick Zizzo with a proper crook pop overBS 180 nosegrind on the Real hubbaSimon Lambey and Kechaud Johnson of CityStars waiting for their jamsCowtown’s Aric Blattner 5-0’s the A Frame
Adrian Hernandez from Phoenix stokes out his hometown blasting over the keyhole extensionAccidental doubles shots during heated jams are always a bonusJoey Brezinski looks on and cheers on his fellow RedBull teammate Sewa KroetkovJon Rob Moore went pro the night before at the Happy Medium 3 premiere. Congrats JonRob!
Jack Olson goes frontside onto the 5 railSteven Snyder was feeling it out thereThe big front 3 was alluding him in his runDaniel Lutheran signs autographs for his loyal pawns in Tent CitySteven goes front blunt down the double set hubbaJJ Horner holds it down at the Pyramid Country booth 

PHXAM Practice Day 2014





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